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Taking the Lord at His Word – W.E. Smith

(Continuing the conversation from “The Peril of Trusting Ourselves“)


Thank you for that affirmation David. This can be most difficult for types like me who generally want “upfront” information before making any type of commitment. He must know that we trust Him personally, not just agree with the wisdom of His plans. In fact, most of the time we will not even comprehend the wisdom of His plans or His ways, so getting all the details before hand really adds little to our faith, if anything.

Do we trust Him therefore, and do we trust Him perfectly and completely in the dark; in the blindness of unknowing and unseeing? Especially when we have absolutely no idea what He is doing, or how it can possibly bring any form of blessing or good even? Job learned to trust Him even though He was allowing him to be brutally (and I use this word advisedly) attacked and harmed.

I recall as a child being punished by parents that I had little to no respect for. The more they removed privileges or hurt me the more I came to resent them. This is so very much different from the relationship Job had with his Lord. Our God is not a man who punishes us out of malice or exasperation or any other human frailty- His one singular and unwavering design is to bring us to maturity, to the fullness of the revelation of Himself and a life formed in His image.

Is it hard to love Him while He is allowing us to be harmed and chastened? I dare say it is impossible from a human standpoint. Is it hard to trust Him explicitly in the dark, with nothing but the sound of His voice to guide and encourage us? Absolutely! Yet by His grace (it is always by His grace dear saints) we shall hold on to Him even after our emotions and our minds have abandoned Him. Here is where our faith becomes real, and our theology is refined in the fire of super-heated reality.

Our Lord cried out – “My god, my god, why have you forsaken me?”

See how perfect the Heavenly Father’s plans are, for in forsaking temporarily His Perfect and Beloved Son, we as blood-washed creatures are able to come forth into His presence. The pain and perplexity and darkness ultimately gives way to life, light and blessing as the Lord’s perfect plans are brought to realization in His time and manner, for His Glory alone.

Again, and I stress this, it is important to our God that we come to take Him at His word alone! That proofs and evidences and explanations are not necessary if in fact He has said it!

How hard this is little ones! How terribly and bitterly hard! Oh Lord help us, for we all have had human beings who have forsaken us and disappointed us, and failed us in so many ways! Oh how easy it is to transpose that on to you Lord, as though you were subject to human weakness and misjudgment. Grant us the grace to trust you! Grant us the grace to wait for you! Grant us the grace to believe You, not just believe in You! Grant us the grace to love You Father even though you allow us to lose and hurt and to be broken in this world!

Form us in Your image Lord whatever the cost, whatever it takes!

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Note: A gentle word of wisdom and caution to believers who are always at the ready to dispense advice to those being tested and chastened by the Lord – If you have not personally experienced anything like this yourself, then please hold your words, for they will invariably do more harm than good. Those being led by the Holy Spirit will know exactly what we mean here.


Of Blind Men and Angels – W.E. Smith

Greetings to all who visit these pages, and may our Glorious Father in heaven bring you to His glory in His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Oh that our only prayer and desire is that Christ would be formed in us, that He alone would be increased and expressed, and all that we are would be reduced and suppressed. This is my prayer daily for all of you, and indeed all His little ones scattered such as we are in this unfriendly wilderness. I do also most sincerely thank you for your prayers for myself, my family and this small online journal, whose only life and inspiration, if there be any at all, might flow from the only True Life in all the Universe.

Dear friends, I am not personally given to prophetic dreams or visions, but I must share some singular events that have occurred recently that are quite remarkable –

The first, involved an encounter when I was out walking at lunch downtown here in the city where I work. There at a stop light was an elderly blind man, seemingly confused as to where to proceed. I saw him from across the street and quickly asked the Lord if He wanted me to help him.

Crossing the road on the next light, I asked the man if he needed assistance; that he appeared disoriented. He responded that yes, he wanted to go to 260 Fourth Street. I conveyed to him that he was nowhere near that address, but if he wanted I could assist him in finding it. He said yes, thank you, that he was looking for the campaign office of some local politician. The man told me that his dispatcher had in fact dropped him off at 60 Fourth Street instead of 260 Fourth Street.

As we proceeded down Fourth Street (we were about 5 blocks from where he wished to go), I sensed something mysterious about this encounter, and engaged him in small talk. I inquired if he was totally blind or if he could at least see partially. He responded that yes, he was completely blind from birth. As it turned out, he was very proficient with his guide stick, yet walking downtown even for the sighted is a perilous endeavor – street lights, cars running reds and yellows, curb-sides and other obstructions greeted us as we walked together down the sidewalk.

I wasn’t real sure the extent of his navigational skills, so I found myself alerting him to just about everything as it approached – “step up here, down there, red light, we need to wait a bit, construction scaffolding – here, let me take your hand, as there isn’t enough room for you to swing your stick…”

It seemed like we had walked for hours when we finally arrived at his intended location. It was there just as he suggested, yet the lights were out and the door was locked. Strange I thought. “Did you want me to wait with you until some one comes”, I asked. “No I can wait; I will be OK. Thank you for your help.” came his response. He than asked to use my cell phone, where he proceeded to correct his dispatcher as to the correct address.

After saying goodbye, I left the blind man there, and continued back on my way. It then occurred to me that in all the activity I never even considered that maybe the Lord might want to show His glory in this man and heal him. “Did you want to heal him Father?“, I asked. You see, I do not believe as do some that it is the Lord’s will to heal every sick person in the world, but if it be His will in any particular instance, then He will let us know what to do and say. And no, He has never miraculously healed anyone through me to date.

In that familiar still and small voice that I have grown to hear so intimately, came a most shocking response –

Do you not know what just happened my son? Although you think you were ministering to that blind man, it was he who was actually ministering to you. You must walk by faith and not by sight my son. You are the one who needs to let me guide you step by step, taking your hand and leading you where I want you to be. You are the one who needs to hear and heed my every word, to trust me as that man trusted you so perfectly. All he had was the prompting of your voice and the touch of your hand. He couldn’t see you or the obstacles before him. His trust in you was an absolute trust, and so it needed to be. His very survival depended on it. Much is coming that you will not see, and you need to follow me in the blindness of faith.

Needless to say, I must have walked four blocks completely oblivious to the world around me. I was stunned to be sure, and a wave of the spirit flowed over and through me. Here I was thinking I was doing a good deed, feeling sorry for some poor soul who has lived his whole life in the dark, and the Lord tells me otherwise. I knew there was something strange about the whole encounter, and I have now come to believe that this was no mere man at all, but one of His ministering servants.

And, then just a few days ago, another incident occurred where I came into immediate contact with one of His angelic servants –

While out cutting my grass, I heard the screeching roar of a motorcycle over my shoulder so I turned to see. Just then, to my absolute shock and amazement, a man was thrown from the speeding bike at a great distance, crashing to the pavement, and tumbling. In a split second, I jumped the fence and ran to him on the road. While running, all I could pray was “Help Father, I don’t know what to do.”

Blood was pouring out of a deep wound in his head, the flesh on one side of his body was scraped clean off, and his shoulder was sunk down abnormally. He was in intense pain, and starting to panic. “It’s bad, real bad” – he said meekly when I asked him how he was.

I ran as fast as I could back into the house screaming for my wife to call 911. I then grabbed a clean towel and ran back to the man. A deep pool of blood lay beside him. I told him to apply pressure to the wound in his head, as I tried as best as I could to comfort and encourage him. Just then I turned around and a woman appeared out of nowhere. “What can I do to help?” she asked. “Can I get some water?“. “Yes”, I said, “my wife is just over there“. Even though my heart was racing, and so many random thoughts seemed to be rushing through my mind, I felt that same strange feeling about the woman. “I don’t recall hearing her car pull up, or the sound of a car door closing – she was just there, seemingly out of nowhere” – I thought to myself.

We managed to control the bleeding somewhat as we waited for the medics to arrive. The women returned with some water and again asked if there was anything she could do. “Go get my brother, he lives over there in the condos“, the injured young man blurted out. “3998 is the number“. She then left to get the young man’s brother.

In a short while, the brother appeared but the woman was nowhere to be found. “Strange“, I thought that she would retrieve him, then not even return to see how the situation turned out. In fact, she had left just as mysteriously as she had arrived.

Dear friends, the Lord confirmed to me shortly after that indeed this was no mere human being, but again one of His ministering servants. The next day I learned that the man had broken his collar bone, had surgical staples applied to the wound in his head (nothing was fractured) and was very thankful that someone was there to assist him. Yet, as it turns out, I was not alone.

What these two incidents convey to me is that our Heavenly Father loves us dearly, and that there is no limit to what He will do to teach us, to encourage us, and to support us when circumstances get chaotic and uncertain. The Scriptures convey the reality that His holy angels are all around us, and perhaps even dedicated to us individually to an extent. On occasion, if and when He determines, that line between the natural and the spiritual is breached so that He can enter directly into our reality and touch us in some meaningful and encouraging way. This of course, is nothing like the world or even the worldly church portrays the appearance of angelic spirits.

My limited experience is that our Lord will let us know when this happens, and that the circumstances of their intervention will be such that it is beyond doubt who and what they actually are. As these last days come upon us, and all natural and material foundations we rely on begin to crumble, I am convinced that these worlds will converge on an even more regular basis, as our Lord meets our needs as only He can.

Please be encouraged dear brethren, by what I have shared here. Don’t limit Him by any means – for He will bring us to Himself and to glory by all means available to Himself. Don’t get overly excited about angels or visitations, or dreams or visions or any such thing, but sanctify the Lord in your heart; He who touches your life at its very core, and holds every moment in time and space in His hands. Love Him first and most! Give to Him the sacrifice of all that you are. Trust Him perfectly and absolutely as He guides you into each moment by His ready hand and still small voice.

Oh Wondrous Father – I pray this would be so, for all of Your little ones; and that we would live and walk in Him whom we have received by Your Grace alone – Your Precious Son the King. Oh that we might be worthy in Him when He comes, that He would receive us to Himself, and into your household dear Father. Forgive us for getting excited or focused on anything but You – including those instruments used to minister to us and communicate heavenly things to us. We love You, but help us to love You ever more perfectly and completely. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Please pray for us here at Living-Walk, that we would watch and see the Master at work, and understand what He would have us do.

Your friend and servant in Christ Jesus,

W.E. Smith