Tag: A Veritable Canon Shot Across the Bow of the Laodecian Church!

New Book – “The Real Thing” Now Available

The Real Thing: An Exhortation for the Authentic Christian Life

  • Over Five Years in the Making!
  • Over 300 Pages of Spirit-Touching-Bone Reality and Exhortation!
  • A Veritable Canon Shot Across the Bow of the Laodecian Church!
  • Not Another Call to Revival, or More Things…
  • But a Call to the Real Thing, the Only Thing!

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Well folks, we are very excited to announce that our new book – The Real Thing: An Exhortation for the Authentic Christian Life is now available. After much prayer and waiting on the direction of the Spirit, we feel at this time that this resource may be a nice compliment to this online journal.

Here is the Preface to The Real Thing: An Exhortation for the Authentic Christian Life to give you a quick sense of what the book is all about –


My name is W.E. Smith, and I offer this series of messages to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ with the sincerest humility and hope of blessing. To be sure, I never started out with a book such as this in mind, but merely to share some of the mighty things the Spirit of God has been revealing in recent years, as I started to behold the Lord Jesus Christ in a new way, in all of His preeminent glory.

Although I have technically considered myself a Christian for most of my adult life, it was only a number of years ago that something really started to happen inside me, as I started to yearn for the authentic Christian life portrayed in the Scriptures.

“Father, please show me your beloved Son, in all of His fullness and beauty and sufficiency.”

– was perhaps the prayer that truly changed everything in my Christian walk. The contents of this book are what I believe was the Lord’s response to this simple request. In addition to the Word of God, the Lord was ever gracious during this time to introduce me to a number of seemingly forgotten teachers of old – Andrew Murray, George Mueller, T. Austin-Sparks, G.H. Pember, Robert Govett, Watchman Nee, A.W. Tozer and Hudson Taylor, among others. Ever gradually and wonderfully, the light started to shine in my spirit, and to reveal what this thing called the Christian life was really all about. Each day brought some new and deeper revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, as the Spirit took me on a whirlwind tour of both the Old and New Testaments.

As this personal awakening began, I felt somehow compelled to share what the Holy Spirit was conveying to me, so, with much prayer and trepidation, I started an online journal called LivingWalk. This name arose rather spontaneously from a child-like and earnest desire to pursue a more dynamic, moment-by-moment relationship with my God; where I could actually hear Him and walk with Him, and bring glory to Him as His grace permitted.

I suppose what I ultimately discovered over much time and travail, was that when the God of heaven and earth reveals Himself to one fully (in His Beloved Son and Holy Spirit), every man-inspired religious enterprise shows itself for what it is – artificial and empty. To have the Lord Jesus Christ in all His fullness, and to grow daily and vicariously in Him, is to have it all; everything you truly need – joy, peace, power, direction, wisdom, enlightenment, and perhaps most of all, a hunger for more of Him. To hunger and thirst for righteousness is to hunger and thirst for Him, for He is the ‘righteousness of God’ (2 Corinthians 5:21).

To know what is in the Father’s vast heart pertaining to summing all things up in His Son; to abandon our own plans and to join in His plans and purposes; to see what He sees and to desire only what He desires; to breathe life only on His terms, in all of its fullness in the spirit; to be restored to the place where only the Lord sits on the throne of our heart; to live and walk in Him constantly and to have every aspect of our lives fully surrendered to His will – this is truly the end of the Christian life. To seek anything less is to shortchange our Heavenly Father’s love, and to confound His great purpose is sending His Son into the world.

I have titled this compilation, The Real Thing: An Exhortation for the Authentic Christian Life for a couple of reasons. First, because there are, in my view, far too many false or lesser things out there representing the true Christian experience. And secondly, because this series of messages represents an expression of the gift that I have been granted by the Lord for the edification of His Body, that of exhortation (see Introduction: The Gift of Exhortation).

It may be helpful to the reader to be aware that the messages presented here were not originally conceived to be shared in book form, and although some effort has been made to arrange chapters by theme or topic, each message (chapter) very much stands alone in terms of its message and content. It may also serve the reader to know that this is not primarily a book of teachings or theology, with structured points on Christian doctrine. Like the epistles of the New Testament, it is offered for believers that they might enter more fully into the practical truths of what it is assumed they already know. In this sense these words represent ‘meat’ not ‘milk’. As the title of the book suggests, the major theme addressed herein is the authentic expression of the life of Jesus Christ in one who has surrendered himself wholly to Him as a living sacrifice; the ‘real thing’ in other words.

Dear Christian, if you are discouraged by men so readily replacing the “mystery of godliness” with humanly derived substitutes; if your spirit is thirsty for God and Christ alone; if you want your walk with Jesus Christ to be alive, dynamic, vibrant, intimate and truly heart-changing, then I offer these messages humbly in the hope that you may be blessed by what is presented here in the spirit.

In compiling these messages, it is the author’s sincere hope and prayer that the reader will be encouraged, challenged and exhorted, such as the Spirit would permit. Any shortcomings in these messages, in terms of scriptural accuracy, interpretation or completeness is fully the weakness of the author, for which he humbly solicits the reader’s grace and kindness.

Finally, we thank our ever-gracious Lord and God in advance if this little book should, even in some small way, bring spiritual edification to His people. If indeed you have been spiritually blessed by these words, we would ask that you let us know, and that you might pass this book along freely to your friends, family and fellow saints.

Your servant in Christ Jesus,
W.E. Smith