About LivingWalk

featherpenDearest Brethren –

To know Christ is the beginning of everything! To know what it truly means to be in Christ is everything!

To know Christ as savior is the beginning! To know Him deeper as our resurrection and life is the reason for the beginning!

Welcome to LivingWalk, a online journal for God-thirsty souls willing to color outside the lines of contemporary Christianity. It is our heartfelt hope and prayer that here you will discover fresh ideas about our new lives in Christ and His glorious and soon-coming Kingdom, and facilitate mutual edification and sharing as we each advance on our journey into the very heart of our God.

My name is W.E. Smith, and I have been groping for the True God for most of my adult life. I dare confess to all of you that I have weathered a number of church/christian experiences ranging from “law and order” style legalism, to “come as you are, stay as you are” liberalism. All of them, without exception, led to deep disappointment and regret. I suppose in hindsight all I really ever wanted was a “living walk” with my God and Savior, and yet, like many, what I found at the church on the corner was mere membership in a club and “things” to do.

To be brutally honest, I have had many ups and downs on this spiritual journey, and many things for which I am most regretful. I suppose what I ultimately discovered over many years was that when the God of heaven and earth reveals Himself to one fully (in His Beloved Son and Holy Spirit), every man-inspired religious enterprise shows itself for what it is – lifeless and empty. Religion as we have fashioned it over 6,000 years is two-dimensional, requiring strings and puppet-masters to make it move; yet the Lord is alive! And to have Him in all His fullness is to have it all; everything you truly need – joy, peace, power, direction, wisdom, enlightenment, and perhaps most of all, a hunger for more of Him. To know what is in His heart; what He alone desires; to join in His plans and purposes; to see what He sees, to breathe life on His terms, in all of its fullness. Truly, the law came through a man, but grace and truth (real life) came from God Himself through His Beloved Son!

eyeglassesTo a large extent, LivingWalk represents my personal reflections on where the Lord Jesus Christ is leading me, as He reveals His Father and restamps the image of God on my heart. This process, familiar to many of us, involves shaking us loose from the world and the self, and untethering us from what the Apostle Paul calls the “old man”.

I cannot promise, unabashedly, that everything presented here will rise to the level of “Thus saith the Lord”. Yet, with humility and sincerity, and the Lord’s steady hand, I will endeavor to present insights, encouragement and exhortation (the spiritual gift I have been granted to exercise is exhortation – see Romans 12) that the Father is revealing to me by His Spirit, as I learn to release my life to Him and to His Son. Only as I learn to abide in the Living Word, and to partake of the Tree of Life, can anything authentic result. My intention and prayer is that this living testimony of Jesus Christ will be manifest on these pages, openly, honestly and sincerely, solely for the edification of His Most Precious Body as we await His imminent coming for His own.

I can only share with the Body of Christ what I believe the Master Vinedresser is saying to me, and doing with me, as He prunes and cares for His vine.

As the Lord directs and inspires, through edification, encouragement and exhortation, it is my hope to advocate for a life-minded Christianity (you will be seeing a lot of this message here), centered wholly in Christ and His Life, based on the faith once delivered, engendered entirely by the Holy Spirit and advanced by His grace; one that magnifies the name of Jesus Christ and glorifies our Heavenly Father.

It is a faith and life that defies this present world and its wisdom, and goes deeper than behavior, profession, institutional expression, tradition, group-think or ritual; It is real, authentic, moment-by-moment, heart-deep, and transparent; and the gates of hell nor the fear of it can ever cause its capitulation.

If you are discouraged by human beings so readily replacing the “mystery of godliness” with worldly methods and schemes; if your spirit is thirsty for God and Christ alone; if you want your walk with Jesus Christ to be alive, dynamic, vibrant, intimate and truly heart-changing; if you truly desire a spirit-touching-bone walk with the Lord of all life,  then I believe you have come to the right place.

All are encouraged to share, and edify in a spirit of kindness, love, patience and respect. As the Lord corrects and reveals His truth, so will this be shared. I have no ambition for anything other than that His most perfect will be satisfied in all that is done here in His Name.

Please be sure to share any particular needs or prayer requests such that I and our readers can bring these in faith to the Father in heaven. In addition, we love to know where are visitors are from so if you could include this in your comments, that would be wonderful. Thank you.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

Your servant,

W.E. Smith