Into the Sunset…

Thank you for visiting this very personal blog.

I sincerely hope it has been of some value to some of you since it came online seven years ago.

Alas, I feel compelled to discontinue this writing at this time.

Not sure at this point if we will remove the content or leave it online.

May you be blessed as you make your way through the wilderness into His Kingdom.

Livingwalk (2015)


9 thoughts on “Into the Sunset…

  1. Blessings and thanks from me as well, brother Wayne. May be only in heaven will you receive the true recompense from the Master Himself. I’ll never forget what your writings did for me in a time of great distress.

    In Christ your brother

  2. Thank you for all the wisdom and blessings you have imparted to me. May God bless you in all He has yet for you to do.

    Love from your brother,

    Malcolm Bell

  3. I have enjoyed your writings. Always nice to see that others are “seeing” the same things. I remember well when I was “told” to stop writing… nothing public any more… just me and Him and those He brings across my path… may He richly bless you as you continue to simply be who you are where you are…. it’s a special place…. :)

  4. Dear Brother Smith…it so grievous to see you discontinue your blog. You were a voice crying in the wilderness and any time I read anything that you posted, it spoke deeply to my spirit. May the Lord prosper and bless you in all of your ways and may you always walk int the fullness of all that God has ordained and purposed for your life.

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