Machines have many moving parts.

Machines can do a lot of very useful things.

Machines make a lot of noise.

Sophisticated machines can even have a certain degree of intelligence.

Some machines can even appear to be alive.

They are not.

The only true measure of the presence and kingdom of God is “aliveness”.

Is it enlivened with His life?

Modern organizational christianity and the modern church is nothing more or less than a machine.

It is not alive.

This is why after two-thousand years and much noise and activity…

…it has done little to really change the world or individual souls.

All institutions and organisations are machines.

Men and devils make machines.

Only God can make a living body that is genuinely alive.

The Lord Joshua did not call disciples to be mere cogs in a wheel or parts of a machine…

but members of a living body.

His Body.

He called us to be alive in Him.

Once you see the machine for what it is, you will understand why you feel dead inside,

then the very next day you will set it aside.

and start living.


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