Month: October 2014

The Outsiders

The man Jesus was, by any definition, an

Every prophet or seer in the bible and in man’s world, without exception, was an outsider.

Those called by the Teacher were outsiders, even though they didn’t know it yet.

The call is to come out. To leave whatever man-inspired thing you are in, and to simply come out.

But the difficulty rises because so much of of what we are wants to be on the inside, to be in, to be part of something.

When everything inside the gate is hopelessly leavened and corrupted, when greed and influence-seeking governs and animates everything – are we then supposed to try to reform it from the inside, to somehow persuade those in power to change, to lay down all that has brought them to power in the first place? Good luck with that.

Did you become an active participant in the christian religion because you are an outsider by personality or circumstance, and want so very much to be in something – a church, a community, a fellowship?

When the whore came to Jesus, she who was so despised and rejected by everyone on the inside, did he invite her to come inside something else, to join His group?

Once your spiritual eyes are opened to truly see the truth, you immediately become an outsider. That is a fact.

But be careful, because even a group of outsiders who seek to become something, turn into insiders inviting others to join them. A new gate is built around whatever they are, a sign goes on the front door, and it is just a matter of time before the hillside is forgotten.