The Religification of the Father’s Son

In His life and in His words and in everything He expressed and represented when He came down to walk among us, the Father’s Son rejected everything that is religion.

Religion happens when men, in some manner, touch or interpret the things of Father God.

Religion promises much, but only promotes and advances death. It tends to breed obsequious sycophants who exist only to prop up a small privileged class of priests and preachers.

Yet He, the Father’s Beloved Son, is the Life of the World. He is both the Tree and the Fruit of Life in His Father’s Garden.

He never forced anyone to come to Him or remain with Him. There was never the need to resort to coercion or duplicity.

Religion probes endlessly into the abstract and the metaphysical, exhaustively attempting to draw lines and form boxes. Those with the pens tend to enjoy special titles and  letters after their name, like Phd, and Thd. anything to remind the sheep that they are in a class above.

He invited the little children to come and simply be with Him. He allowed the sick woman to touch Him. Real human tears washed His feet.

Religion connotes endless study, the reading and interpretation of texts, the exaltation of teaching and teachers.

He said “Follow me” and “Watch and see”

Religion gives place and prestige to men. It is wholly and miserably corruptible. It has a price.

He worshiped His Heavenly Father and invited us to do the same. freely and simply and forever.

With the touch of men, comes the foul stench of religion, and fetters and toil.

With Yeshua, comes a sweet savor, freedom and rest.

Religions have different names and presumptions, and doctrines but they are all yet the same. They all lead to the same poverty and thirst.

Religions have symbols, and high places and histories packed full of tradition and mythology.

It is all painted gold. Scratch the surface with a child-like heart, and you will see.

Religion seeks out and devours zeal, then steals men’s souls, one by one, it is a consuming fire.

It is proud, haughty, insatiable, shadowy, feeding on innocent human faith like a drunkard with a jug of wine.

The Father’s Son declared a new way to live, in Him, for the Father, from a heart of compassion and tenderness and love.

He was sincere, pure, real, genuine, touchable, always glorifying the Father, never Himself or other men.

For two millennial since He left us, men and demons have leavened everything He did and said with religion, with isms and ologies.

All is a lie.

All is stained.

All leads only to chains and death.


This message is to all or any of the little ones who will hear –

Stand up. Lay down your chains. Set aside your doctrines and presumptions and sacred books.

Walk out that door and through the gate. Go up to the hillside where He is waiting for you. Don’t ever look back.

Place your weary head upon His breast.

Until you feel His ageless heart beating beneath you.

And be at peace my brother, just be at peace.

Lord forgive us all.




5 thoughts on “The Religification of the Father’s Son

  1. So profoundly True…. yet so sad for the many who have followed after “it”.
    I feel blessed Wayne by your keen mind & thoughts, in writing once again!


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