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The Surpassing Knowledge of His Love – W.E. Smith

….and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. (Eph 3:19)

Dear Ones -

Thank you all for you prayers and encouragement in this barren valley. I am hearing that many are being tested, drawn out, laid low at this time, in so many ways, causing our very faith and resolve to be stretched and pulled and tested in so many ways, over such a long time.

So what do we do, when we have His sure and perfect Word, and yet our present circumstances appear in almost every way to defy that very word?

This is no small matter, and I fear He is dealing deeply with us in this late hour. We want Him to speak, to rise up, to reveal Himself, to explain Himself, to give meaning to the terrible trials and losses we are experiencing. I know dear saints. I know how very real this is, believe me I know.

We want to know so very much what is happening. We want reasons, explanations, clarity, purpose; yet the heavens are silent. It is one thing when He withdraws His blessings, but quite another when He seemingly withdraws Himself, to test us whether we truly do trust Him, whether our love for Him will remain steadfast.

Yet the verse above, from a one-time Pharisee no less, one committed to knowing God through learning, teaching, training, education, etc – suggests that there is one thing that can be known that trumps everything else, that leads to the fullness of God within us – and that is to know the love of Christ. (Interestingly, this word for “know” (ginóskó) is the same word used when Mary said she had not “known” a man, when confronted about her situation with child).

It seems there is much He chooses not to reveal to us for whatever reason. His responses to Job are indicative of this certainly. He never directly responded to Job’s questions and demands for reasons for all that befell him. He revealed His creative majesty, He lifted Himself above the creation to remind Job that His care and concern and stewardship of all life on this planet is in His hands. When reading these last chapters of Job the other day, the Spirit reminded me that this is none other than Jesus Christ responding to Job, the every same One that came into this world and rarely if ever responded to the questions of men in certain matters. “I am that I am” He declared, echoing the tone in Job, where He puts Job on the other side of the “Where were you….?” line.

So brethren, pray with me if you will, especially if you are confused, perplexed, tired, ready to surrender to the circumstances of your life, to the fatigue of this narrow path -

Lord, by Your grace allow us to know Your great Love, beyond anything else, doctrine, prophecy, the purpose for all that is happening to so many of your little ones in this hour. Oh Lord, help us to set these things aside, so that we might know Your great love for Your children. Let it be enough Lord, to know Your love, even when we know little else, and everything is unclear. Fill us with Your fullness Lord, through this very real and intimate and unifying knowledge of Your love, not just knowing that we are loved, but knowing all there is to know of your love – how it moves, how it responds, how it is never satisfied with superficial things, but is always going deeper.

Lord Jesus, remind us afresh in our spirits that You came down into this cesspool of a world to save it, to save us out of it, to bring us home with so great a salvation, so steadfast and enduring a love. Oh Lord, we feel so very much like the disciples after You left them, and we are very much at risk in this moment, for we sense in our spirits that You have abandoned us, in this we speak honestly Lord for You already know our hearts. Now more than ever we need to know that Your love, especially when we don’t know what is happening, just like the disciples who did not grasp all that was being done while You left them behind on this earth. Lord, love is so much greater than faith, for faith will end, but Your love never will – we do ask for greater faith but we ask for so much more than that – we ask that we would know the love of Christ that passes all knowledge. Amen.

Dear brothers, let us lift up our precious brother Kenneth, who so much needs encouragement and life as the Lord withholds suitable employment for him for so long (28 months now). And his dear wife Bia who is also sharing in this terrible ordeal. Lord please shower your love down upon them both. Reach down to them Lord, with such great compassion and mercy and kindness.

Let us lift up our dear brother David that the Lord would grant such grace and peace in the uncertainty of his spirit. Lord please remember David. Help him Lord, please.

Let us lift up Dominic and Susanna that the Lord would bring them to peace in the place He has put them, and that perhaps there would be some real, spirit touching bone fellowship locally where they reside. Pray also for their health, for Susanna’s hearing problem, that the Lord would show great mercy in this impossible situation. Lord touch them. Smile on them Lord.

Let us pray for one another, and share with one another and let the very love of Christ animate our being, and move through our lives to touch one another in this hour, as so much around us is failing. It was love and love alone, freely flowing, that marked the ecclesia in Acts, not doctrine, not teaching, not this or that characteristic (however important these may be in their proper place). Many say they hope to see the church restored to this, and yet it never will if we know not the love of Christ, the love that empties itself that others may be made full, the love that spills itself out, blood and all for the life of others.

Pray yes, for one another, but then let us get off our knees and share, give, listen, write the message or the check, open our homes, put ourselves at risk, give one to another, not through the big organization, but where we can look into the eyes and the heart of the other and be joined together in the body. Hold all things in common. Stop gripping  so tightly to our little earthly treasures for they are not ours and never were. Weep with each other, and rejoice such as the Lord has you. Be quick to love, and slow to preach, for the Lord teaches through His love, through His giving, through His very life. We will all know enough in time, but meat in due season first gives life, not just an explanation. The Lord never reveals His mysteries to those apart from His love – Oh how important it is we remember this.

Oh Lord let it be so…

….and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. (Eph 3:19)

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4 thoughts on “The Surpassing Knowledge of His Love – W.E. Smith

  1. A dear friend and prophetic voice in my life recently told me that this desert I am currently going through spiritually is God’s way of shedding the old within me, ridding me of the old ways so that the new thing He is doing can take place.By faith I believe this to be true in my life but at times I do struggle understanding that God who has been so tangible and present in my life in years previous would completely detach himself from me at present making me question by His very absence whether indeed He was there in the first place.

    They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and I do believe that God seeks authenticity in us and undivided worship and this sense of having been abandoned by the Lord is indeed the fuel that will rekindle our passion for the Lord as we have never felt it before. For those out there who can relate to this, hang on in there. He will never leave us, nor forsake us. It is all about endurance and the ability to not let our love for the Lord grow cold when He SEEMS so distant from our hearts.

    Thank you for your encouragement and your kind and loving heart.


  2. Wayne,
    I truly thank Our God every time I remember you! My soul resonates with the heaviness of your journey, as mine too has been a wilderness wandering for so very long. I look forward with Joy and Anticipation for what is out ahead… for those of us who run this sacred race with patience and endurance. May we enter His Gates with Thanksgiving and His Holy Courts with Praise. Praying that you hold firm Until the End…
    Blessings to you my brother In Christ,

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